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Do You Know What Correct Dissertation Format Is?

Dissertation Format Guidelines

Dissertation project is a specific kind of research work, which is assigned to complete for doctor students. It is a very difficult task that needs much effort and time. Besides, this document should be well structured, well organized and original, because it must be presented in final, publishable form. Thats why in o
rder to write a good dissertation research one should know certain rules according to which your project will be written. This set of roles is called dissertation format .
Of course dissertation formats can vary from one institution to another, depending on the field of research. For example, for sciences, the APA format is used, for humanities and arts the MLA format is compulsory. But still there are some general requirements that are offered for dissertation format.

Dissertation format consists of outline which includes pages of front matter with a title page, copy right page, approval page, abstract, table of contents together with list of figures, tables, illustrations. Abstract is one of the most important elements of dissertation project as it includes a brief summary of dissertation results. It should not be more than 350 words.

The main body presupposes an introduction which represents a research problem, authors expectations and the purpose of the research, together with five chapters which have a title and begin with a new page. If it is needed for your dissertation topic chapters can be subdivided into subsections, each preceded by a subtitle. A review of existing literature on the topic, a methodology section demonstrating research procedure together with conclusion to the chapters are also parts of the dissertation format. Graphs, figures, tables and other illustrative material should be reproduced onto 100% rag or cotton paper, within standard margins.

Than goes a mandatory list of references citations and bibliography, which must be located either at the end of each chapter or the end of the dissertation. If it is placed at the end of each chapter, it should not be listed in the table of contents; an appendix presents additional materials and the dissertation writers curriculum vitae which is optional for masters candidates containing information about university, principal occupation, publications if any.

Another vital feature of dissertation format is recommendations for font size that should be Times New Roman 12 point or some other standard and acceptable font. Dissertation paper should be printed single sided on white paper with black ink, figures and tables may be of another color.

So, if you follow all these dissertation format recommendations, there is a great chance that you will succeed and complete your assignment on the highest level. If you need any type of academic assignment from essay to dissertation but time or desire to complete, you can rely on professional services of